How to Turn Your Car Ash Tray Into an Audio Input



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This is a fun project as long as your not a smoker.  Figuring out what interface you need will be priority number one.  This is a good modification if you go on long trips and don't won't to bring all your CD's with you.

You will need...
01. Screw Driver Flat Head & Philips
02. Socket Set
03. Coat Hanger or Fishing Tape
04. Audio Adapter Cable
05. Aux Input Interface
06. MP3 Player & USB Cable
07. USB Car Adapter
08. Small Piece of Fabric
09. Zip Ties
10. Electrical tape

Step 1: Remove the ash tray from the sliding compartment

Step 2: Remove the dash board

Step 3: Remove the factory radio

Step 4: Unplug the wire harness & antenna

Step 5: Fish the audio cable from behind the radio to the ash tray

Step 6: Connect the audio cable to the aux interface

Step 7: Connect the aux interface

Step 8: Connect the antenna

Step 9: Re-install the radio and dash board

Tip: Glue a small piece of fabric to the ash tray to give keep the MP3 player in place

Click here to see examples of the tools and interfaces you will need




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