How to Under-glaze Tiles

This instructables is on how to make your tiles into art.  I based my tiles on these pictures from REPO! The Genetic Opera.  I did a 2x4 tile design since the picture was so big. I also did this for my Art class project.

I'd would also like to thank the creators of Repo! The Genetic Opera for letting me use the pictures from the movie.
If you don't know what Repo! The Genetic Opera is click on this---><---

Step 1: Materials

1. Reference Pictures
2. Tiles
3. Paint brushes of varying thickness
4. Charcoal Pencil or Pencil
5. Exacto Knife
6. Under-glazes
7. Over-glaze (optional)
8. Kiln

Step 2: Getting Started

First you have to draw the design you want to do on to a piece of paper so you can later transfer it onto the tiles.  You have to trace the size of the tiles onto the paper so the design doesn't get all screwy.  After that draw your design's outlines onto the paper.  Now it's time to transfer the design onto the tiles, now take the charcoal and scribble on the back of the paper around the outlines of your design.  Now take a tile and line it up with the traced outline of tile on the same side of scribbles then re-trace your design's outlines onto the tiles.

Step 3: Choosing the Under-glazes

Under-glazes are just the colors you put on the tiles. All you have to do is pick out the right colors for your tiles.

Step 4: Under-glazing the Tiles

Now it's just like a color by numbers, and don't worry if you go outside the lines just take the exacto knife and scrape it off.  Make sure to put 3 to 4 coats of under-glaze on it just so it's dark enough. But if you want some things to be lighter then the rest but still the same color don't put as many coats on.

Step 5: Over-glazing the Tiles (Optional)

It basically looks like Pepto Bismal but it makes the tiles nice and shiny. It also makes your colors pop out a bit more. Just dip the colored side of the tiles in one at a time making sure you cover the whole area. DON'T GET BUBBLES! bubbles=bad.

Step 6: Firing the Tiles in the Kiln

Now that you have them under-glazed and over-glazed it's time to put them in the kiln.  The kiln melts and drys the under-glazes and the over-glaze onto the tile finishing the whole thing.

Step 7: Finished Product

Now it's all done. Hopefully your tiles turned out amazing like mine.  Good luck and have fun.  If you have any questions just post a comment asking your question and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks.  Please rate and tell me how I did or if I left anything out.

My teacher loved it so much she wanted to display it at school for awhile.
Again I'd like to thank the creators of Repo! The Genetic Opera so thank you.



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    o that i knew, i meant to commission them. the theater i volunteer at has repo ever other month shadow casted and this month Darren smith is coming. my ideais to put something like theses in are display case.

    if i get repo tiles sure i'll pay for you lol its in masschusetts but depending what state you in theres a ton of other shadow casting groups. if you look on the main repo site they have a list of shadow casting groups