How to Use a Curling Iron




Curling your hair with a curling iron sounds like a no brainier right?! WRONG!

You easily damage your hair and end up with dry and brittle ends, if you curl your hair improperly.

So here's few simple tips to follow.
Hope you enjoy.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

You only need three items to curl your hair.
1. Curling iron
2. Hair tie
3. Fine tooth comb

I'm using a larger barrel curling iron you can you smaller or larger depending on how big you would like your curls.

Step 2: Sectioning the Hair

First things, first. You have to section out your hair.
I've chosen a center part for my hair

After you've chosen your part you want to section you hair into two larger section down the back to make it easy to take smaller sections for curling.

Once you have your two sections select a side start on and begin from the bottom up. Take about a combs width down for your first section to curl.

Step 3: Begin Curling

Normally most people begin rolling upward from the bottom, you want to avoid this because that's when you damage your hair.
The ends of your hair are most susceptible to heat and damage than the rest of your hair.
With that said you want to start curling from top to bottom.
The way this is done is your slowly release tension on the curling iron and slide it downward till you reach the end. That way you hair gets an even amount of heat throughout the curl and you apply less heat to the ends resulting in healthier hair!

Step 4: Type of Curl

Depending on how tight and where you would like your curls to begin is where you want to start.

I will begin mid way down, so as I reach the top sections of my hair I will have a loose spiral curl.

Step 5: Style

Finally style as desired. My hair holds curl quite well, but if yours doesn't this would be a great time to add hairspray and any of your other faves.

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    I love curling my hair!!!!!