How to Use Hashtags at Your Wedding

Introduction: How to Use Hashtags at Your Wedding

So you have decided to hop on the bandwagon and have a hashtagged wedding. Are you now considering the best ways to inform your guests of the wedding hashtag you and your partner have chosen? Even if you have invited the most scatter-brained of guests to your ceremony, you can have them see, remember and use the hashtag you have chosen. Below are some tips on how to use hashtags at your wedding.

Step 1: Make It Unique

Picking a hashtag for your wedding can be tough. Some couples have names that when combined can make funny idioms and puns, while other couples are left scratching their heads in search of a clever hashtag choice. The most important thing is that you like it, and that there are no spelling mistakes! Check here for some hashtag ideas.

Step 2: Share It With Your Guests

After you’ve decided on a hashtag it’s time to get the word out. If you're still early in the wedding-planning process, you could include it in your save-the-date, wedding website and invitation. Oh, and make sure to tell your bridal party so you have some fun pre-wedding photos!

Step 3: Display It on the Day

It’s important to remind your guests of the amazing hashtag you have chosen so display it on the day! You could print it in your ceremony program, put it in the menu or frame a sign and place it on the welcome table. Read here for more display ideas.

Step 4: Get Your Guests Involved

Using the software and your unique hashtag, wedding guests can share photos from the day on their Instagram which is then shown on a big screen throughout the day, and you can get all your favourite photos put into a traditional wedding album with your hashtag on the spine! Just make sure you have wi-fi!

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    I've always thought that using hashtags at weddings is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.