How to Use Photoshop




Introduction: How to Use Photoshop

This is a quick and easy way to create your own graphic designs in Adobe Photoshop.

Step 1: How to Use Photoshop Pt 1

The icon will be a feather with title saying Adobe Photoshop. When the program is running the main page will look like this, if not click on new. You can name your project title and if you want it to be a  specific size it can be edited. Their two ways to upload pictures onto the program. 1. the pictures can be scanned. In this example and EPSON Perfection V500 was used as a scanner.

Step 2: How to Use Photoshop Pt 2

The other putting pictures on the program is right clicking the picture you want go to open with... and click on photoshop. If the image is too big it can edited by clicking edit and the tile that says "Free Transform" or Ctrl T. You have to hold the shift button to keep the image in the same look without messing up the angle. After you get the right size press enter and the image is finished.

Step 3: How to Use Photoshop Pt 3

If want another picture you do it the same way by clicking open with... Click on the restore down button near the close symbol. You will see both of your pictures. At the tools selection at the left side of your screen click on the cursor with the compass looking icon. That can make your image join with the other picture, then you free transform to make it fit on the page. At right side of the screen you see both of your images. if you click one of the images you can edit just that image, movie it or give it something else.

Step 4: How to Use Photoshop Pt 4

Another useful tool is the Magic Wand. It can outline an area in the picture where can remove that outlined area out of the picture. The rest of tools are simple like in the paint program. So this is how you use the basics in Adobe Photoshop to create your own animated logo designs.

Step 5:

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