How to Use the Commander App for EV3

Introduction: How to Use the Commander App for EV3

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Requested by coolblaze2019. As I was testing the features my Gauntlet was turned on so it was spazzing out on the floor. Lol

Step 1: Track3r

On the sides are sliders that control the treads. The rest is self explanatory

Step 2: Spik3r

Only goes forewords and turns. Squeeze to activate pincers. Target makes it shoot

Step 3: Ev3rstorm

The buttons are self explanatory but you need to deactivate each command each time(red button)

Step 4: R3ptar

Flick up to rattle tail down to strike. Touch and drag the screen to move.

Step 5: Grabb3r

Buttons open and close and joystick maneuvers

Step 6: Make Your Own

This is the main feature of the app.

Step 7: Features

Pretty self explanatory. Hope u njoyed!



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    this is far from being self explanatory i've been trying to make ancustom one to control a car i build and nothing happens it adds a control but i can't use it only delete it

    is it possible to resize the switches or sliders in the app? they are so big and take up too much space


    I was wondering if I could possibly make my own look alike commander app that basically controls the robot but with modifications of course. Probably with coding language. if so, do you know where I could start :)

    i connected mine but the controls dont work help plz

    Please help. I'm doing the make your own and trying to use two buttons to control the medium motor for rack and pinion steering in Lego car 8448. I have a button for each direction. The motor spins in one direction but not the other. How do I have it work for both directions?

    Hi, I'm not able to do anything with this app. I made the BT connection but it stil pops out the "Connect your EV3 Brick" window every time I press on any robot icon, but the "make you own". The iPhone BT settings shows it as connected. Any idea pls?

    very useful tutorial that help me to write this article

    What device do you play it on