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This instructable will go over the new Instructable's for iPhone app (which you can read about here). The observant among you may notice its actually being run on an iPad (bring us an iPad version Eric!!!).

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Step 1: Download and Open the App

First things first, you need to have a device capable of running the app such as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You then need to download the app (which can be done by clicking this link or searching in the itunes store)

Now that you have downloaded the app, tap the icon on your device.

Step 2: Browse and Login

When you open the app for the first time, you will see a robot standing over some welcome information, press "Start Exploring" (see image 1). After pressing that you will be presented with the currently featured Instructables. Look at them!!! One of them was about pizza!!!!

If you aren't interested in a recipe for pizza rolls (Shame! Shame!) Then you can press "Categories" in the top left" which will take you to a screen where you can, wait for it, choose categories (see image 2 if this is too much to handle)!

You should probably login now. You can do this as far as I know, in one of two ways. You can go to "You" in the bottom right corner and you will have a login option, or, like I did, you could press follow on an instructable and you would be asked to log in.

Step 3: Write Your First Instructable From Your Phone

How cool would it be to write and upload an instructable from your phone? Well now you can, I'm doing it write now (well actually I'm writing this from an iPad, but it's the same concept)! It's also really easy.

Press the button that says share, if your not logged in yet (didn't I just tell you to do that?) then you will be asked to log in, I guess that's three ways... When there for the first time, you will get this little brochure telling you about writing instructables, you should probably read it. After exiting the brochure (you read it right?), You will be presented with four categories. The one that you want to press (or tap) is called "New Instructable" (I'd use sarcasm here but I bet by now your a bit tired of that). Continue to this step part two.

Step 4: This Step Part Two

For those that missed us earlier, here is where we stand. (In a radio narrators voice) "In earlier steps we have gone over the basics of the app including pizza roll recipes and are now writing an instructable on our phones."

Now that you have pressed "New instructable", you should name it and choose the category. After choosing the title and category, your screen should look something like picture 1. The first thing you see is your introduction step, so go introduce your 'ible. Bye the way the "Add Step" button does exactly what it sounds like it does.

Step 5: Adding Images.

This step is actually fairly self explanatory, but I think it's pretty cool (In a hippie voice, "It's drag and drop man."). In order to add images, you tap the button that says "+Add Images".

This will load your picture album (the "photos" app, or at least a notification saying that instructables would like access to your camera roll) if you get that notification, press O.K. Now you press the images you would like to use (refer to image 1). When you're done, press "Done". Now comes the fun part, when you want to add a photo to a step? Yah, you drag the photo onto the place where it say "drop images here". Cool right?

Step 6: Save, Publish, Thank Eric Etc

Throughout this whole process you should have been saving. To do this you press the save button in the bottom right corner. It will ask if you would like to save to instructables or to your phone" I would recommend saving to both of them.

If you are finished with your instructable, then you should probably publish it. To do this you press the publish button in the top right corner.

Now you should go write a nice review of the app thanking Eric and the instructables staff.

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    25 Discussions


    1 year ago on Step 6

    I used to have an instructables app on my phone... where’s it go and why can’t I find it in ‘apps’ now???


    2 years ago

    Not available in the US store? What is going on???


    2 years ago

    not available in the irish iTunes Store


    5 years ago

    You better update your instructable to iOS 7


    5 years ago

    Hey I love the app and the Instructable but I have a Q:
    How do you reload the "save to phone" instructables? I wrote half a book and was out of signal so I saved to the phone to upload later but when I went back it was all gone!

    It was like searching the dessert for a particular color sand on the forum so I figured id ask here if there's something I did wrong but mostly if there's any possible way to recover all that writing. I'd prefer not to have to do it over again a third time! (I also lost data once before when I didn't save and switched to other apps and came back and it was gone).

    Also, don't mean to hijack your Instructable to post this. Is there a relevant forum topic I could be posting this to?

    Thanks, and great writeup


    6 years ago on Step 4

    i dont even get this look on my phone no share button on the top and also no publish button,please instruct me how to do it?Thank you!


    6 years ago on Step 3

    Hello there i have android phone HTC incredible 2 where i don't have option share,but only create i went and do it i create it but in the end i press done...and i can't upload i can't see where instructable is now sitting in drafts where i can see it all the time ...i just don't know how to publish it?Please help

    I want it for the iPad! How else will the world know about my genius while I'm lying in bed?


    Im a little dissapointed that it is an app for the ipod/phone... Why wouldnt you make one for the ipad??? You cant even make this app full screen... For the ipod itself, it works well i guess, but I would rather access it from my ipad. the regular website is buggy on iPads safari browser. I would rather those issues get fixed than the little phone app...

    1 reply

    Ok i guess you can make it full screen... But I'm still disappointed that there isn't one specifically for the ipad...

    The app is great (better than the mobile version of the site in my opinion.) but it seems there isn't a way to see the comments or make a comment. I might be wrong but I couldn't find one.

    1 reply

    6 years ago on Introduction

    You probably want to go through and make all of the URLs active hyperlinks (use the "globe with chain" icon in the editor toolbar). I'm going to Feature this anyway, since it's of such interest to the community.