How to Walk

Walking can be a very difficult life skill to master, but with practice it can become a part of every day life and be enjoyed by all in the family (if they haven't been injured in a walking related accident... In which case my deepest condolences are with your family...).

Step 1: Taking Your First Step

Begin by lifting your dominate foot, mine being my right foot I lift it 10-15cm. I then lean forward, this enables my foot to gain distance. I then drop my foot and gracefully plant it back to the Earth.

Step 2: Continuing the Motion

Taking one step is "one step" (pun intended), but continuing the difficult motion of reoccurring steps is harder than you expect. The skill you need to master to successfully walk is to always watch where your feet are.

Step 3: Avoid Falling Over

If you find walking hard get training wheels to avoid a serious accident, training wheels can be found at your local Walks R Us store.

Step 4: Thanks for Reading!

I hope this has positively influenced how you live today and you will continue to use the gift that is walking. Stay in tune to learn how to run! don't forget to vote for me in the contests!



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4 years ago

I wonder if crawling should be taught before walking! This ible should be posted outside of Walmart for all the people who park in front of the door or steal handicap spaces!