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A lot of people hate having to wax their surfboard, and rightfully so, because it can be a daunting task. But these tips can make it quite easy.


Step 1: Materials

All you need is some wax (base coat, and some wax of your choice, e.g. warm or cool depending on the water temperature in your area). Then you need something to scrape off the old wax with, a credit card works great.

Step 2: Taking Off the Old Wax

Now you want to take off the old wax from before. You can buy a tool for this but a credit card or gift card work great too. All you need to do is scrape off the wax with your tool that you use. Then you can discard the wax however you want.

Step 3: Applying a Base Coat

Now take your base coat wax and split it in half on the "seam" in the middle. Then draw an outline on the area that you want to wax. Then fill in the outline using a circular "stroke".

Step 4: Adding the Regular Coat

Now get your other bar of wax and start waxing over the base coat. You should use a circular like motion to accomplish this task. By the end you should have some small bumps formed by the wax. Then you then just need to keep using that bar of wax and wax on top of that layer until you get a pretty good amount on there, then you do it again. It's best to do it about every 10 times that you go out on your board.

Step 5: Stomp Pad Waxing

It can also sometimes be beneficial to wax your stomp pad (for short boarders). This can help even more to help you from not slipping. Although I would not recommend it if you live near warm water and often trunk it, because it can rub on your knees and give you quite a rash (as I've experienced).



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    The best use for a credit card than getting into debt! Haha


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    Nice; good, straightforward explanation! And go ducks! So glad hockey is back :9

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