How To: Winter Sleepover Invites!

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Step 1: Materials

fold blank white cards so they are ready to decorate!

Step 2: Materials

you will need cards, stamps, ribbon, either a glitter heat embossing kit or ink, and colored paper.

Step 3: Heat Embosser

I will be using the heat embosser kit.
use a glue stamp pad with the stamp. than stamp it on the paper and than add glitter. plug in the mini heat thing and turn it on. use till stuck on well.

Step 4: A Message

use a watermark glue pen to write a message and than cove in glitter and heat it up to finish the words.

Step 5: Ribbon

add ribbon with glue or double sided tape.

Step 6: Paper

add paper on the inside.

Step 7: Add Your Information

add your info inside and send it off!



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