How to Wrap Your Headphones (for Device and Reg Headphones)




Introduction: How to Wrap Your Headphones (for Device and Reg Headphones)

Are you tired of taking the time to wrap your headphones and putting them in your book bag or pocket only to pull them out a couple of hours later to find out that they've fallen apart and gotten tangled into a huge monstrosity? Now with a couple of ways you haven't tried yo can turn that monstrosity into a perfect, tangle free, headphone wrap.

Step 1: Wrap

Take four fingers and wrap your headphone wire around them and be sure to start with the earpieces.

Step 2: Wrap on Device

Lets say this red thing is your device,Leave extra space near the plug in part of your head phones and wrap the rest around the device.

Step 3: Tie

Tie or "tuck the extra wire in. Wrap the 2-3 inches of extra you have to "tie" the other wires closed.

Step 4: Here's the Total

The complete steps above.

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    6 years ago

    I wasn't aware of this but thank you for telling me and this isn't actually how I wrap mine it's what my brother recommends. @mseth2000