How to Write a Book Worth Reading

Do you want to be an author when you grow up? I can teach you how to write a book someone might actually want to read and not a piece of crap you scribbled out for no reason.
Find a flat workspace where there is not a lot of commotion or crowding. Your room for example.
Gather up all of the necessary materials to right your book on and with. Next comes the fun part.
Jot down Ideas of what the book could be about, and ps it will take you a while so stress and frustration is a normal side effect.
When you have written down ideas and found one worth while, start writing!
When done writing, find someone to revise your writing, but don't let them do all the work look over it yourself for errors and other writing mistakes.
Now edit your writing, it might sound like revising but now fix capitalization and spelling which is not the most fun part of writing.
Your writing is now ready to be published, let family members and friends read your writing and get their opinions on it also ask them what you could do better on next time! Thanks for reading!
List of writing stages (in order)
1. Prewriting(jot down ideas and think)
2. Drafting ( write everything down like crazy)
3. Revising( take a step back, ask yourself is this the best it could be?)
4. Editing( fix all grammar errors)
5. Publishing ( have someone read your writing)

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