How to Write a Report in Less Than 3 Hours

If you are reading this it's most likely that you were working up the motivation to do a report that's due the next morning by burning time on your phone, saw this and thought it was a sign from God!
So listen her we are going to write a report NOW!! and we aren't just going to write a crappy C+ report, no no no. We are going to make the single most perfect report in all history of reports and this is what we're going to need...

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Step 1: Matirials

10 clean sheets of paper
2 pencils
1 large block eraser (not colored)
1 pencil sharpener
A reliable source of information on the subject
37 1/2 red bulls ( can be replaced with other energy drinks)
1 really cool work-out playlist or training song
Motivation (already supplied)
1 cleared schedule (it's going to be a long night)

Step 2: Starting the Report

Sit down and take a deep breath. We will get this done.

Start the paper with "Alright buckle up kids! You're about to learn a thing or two that didn't even know until a few hours ago myself! So sit down, shut up, and be prepared to witness and enjoy my complete extended red bull-induced, self disciplined-fueled (number of pages) essay on (subject) extravaganza!!!"

Step 3: The Body of the Report

Continue the report from there with a main idea and at least 2 supporting details per paragraph and 4 paragraphs per page. Make sure hat all you Facts and sources are true and reliable.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Ok now that your report is complete erase the entire 1st paragraph. BE SURE TO ERASE IT... Unless you have a really cool teacher who would laugh at the beginning and maybe give you extra credit and then that would also save you he trouble of havering to replace it with a kinder, more clever intro

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