How to Carve a Maori Hook Pendant (Video)

Introduction: How to Carve a Maori Hook Pendant (Video)

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This 'ible is entered into the gorilla glue contests. I use superglue during the video to hold the two pieces together.

I love making maori hook pendants. I have another 'ible about how to make a bone one HERE. In this video I'm going to show you how to make one out of half bone and half wood.

I have a blog HERE!

For more inspiration, I have a few hooks with great pictures on my etsy

One of the problems people were having in my first I'ble was difficulty in finding a piece of bone large enough to carve a hook. This is the same problem that maori hook-makers ran into when they made larger hooks, so they compromised by making the shank of the hook out of wood and the barb and point out of bone.

The most convenient source of bone is a pet store. They often sell large white cow bones for dogs to chew on. Becuas dog owners dont want grease from the bone damaging their furniture, the bone are already degrease. Make sure you get just a plain old bone without flavorings or artificial marrow. I bought my first bone at Petsmart.

The least expensive source is on amazon (weird yes?)

Another great source for bone is a butcher shop. Ask for a leg bone for soup boiling and they'll give it to you cheap. However this bone is still 'green' so you will have to clean it and dry it, then de-grease it. You can learn how to de-grease bone HERE

The video for the lashing technique can be found HERE



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    Look at this one I carved

    13, 8:19 AM.jpg

    Do you mean make a video about how to carve jade hooks? Or make you a jade hook specifically?

    Petsmart has them for dogs. A butcher shop will have them as 'soup bones', but you will need to clean them. Petsmart is your best bet because they come cleaned and bleached white.