How to Install a Pc Fan


Introduction: How to Install a Pc Fan

this is my first instructable on how to cool your gaming pc with a fan

Step 1: Materials Needed

materials needed

120mm PC fan (doesn't have to be Corsair, it could be any 120mm-sized fan.)
zip ties (optional)

Step 2: Remove Your Side Panel

remove the screws holding the panel to the case. (there may be more than two screws depending on your case.)

Step 3: Find Your Spot

find a 120mm fan slot. locate your point where you connect the fan. Your point will have 3 pins on it and  may have a plastic groove to help line up the pins.

Step 4: Screw Your Fan Into Place

make sure your screws go in straight. you should have at least two screws holding the fan on. Four screws would be optimal.

Step 5: Replace Your Side Panel

There may be two or more screws keeping the panel on. make sure to put all of them back in.
optional: secure your wire into place with zip ties to keep it out of the way.

Step 6: Admire Your Work

look at your newly installed fan



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    6 Discussions

    I plugged the fan into a 3-pin connector on my motherboard. You may also connect it to a 3-pin connector on a wire harness from the power supply.

    You can use any 120mm cooling fan. I wanted this fan because it would draw the most hot air away from my CPU.

    a good step by step, but maybe "how to install a PC fan" would be a better title. imho

    so i can only use corsair? :0 no wonder my pc isn't cool enough :I

    Nice work! Now I don't have to worry about overheating issues anymore. Great idea drawing the hot air away from the CPU.