How to Make a Simple Air Cooler




Introduction: How to Make a Simple Air Cooler

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Hi Friends, I will tell you how to make a simple portable Air Cooler at home. Its very easy to make, though there are many ways to make an Air cooler but this one is the simplest.

Materials Required:

1. DC Motor

2. Propeller

3. Waterproof Container

4. Drinking Straw

5. Scissors

6. Sticky Tape

7. Two wires

8. 9v Clip

9. A 9v Battery

Step 1: STEP 1: Assembly

Punch two holes in the Lid of the Container. One Bigger(according to the Diameter of Straw) than The Another. The smaller one should be in the middle and the bigger one should be parallel to it in any direction. .Attach the two wires to the positive and negative terminal of the Motor. Then through the hole pass the wires out of the container, so that the motor hangs inside the container. Then with the help of Tape paste it Firmly so that the motor is fixed in the lid.

Step 2: STEP 2: Construction

Through the bigger hole pass the straw, with its movable part out of the container.


Attach 9v Battery clips to the bare ends of the wires. Now add some ice cubes in the container and join the clips with the battery and There You Go, With cold air blowing out of the Straw. And Enjoy The cool air in this Terrible Summer...

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    2 years ago

    amazing idea


    5 years ago

    hey i built one yesterday. curious why onyl one hole is used. i used three holes. one for.motor. one for intake and another for outake. did urs produce any air current?