How To:Make a Traffic Control System Project Using 555 Timer & 4017 Decade Counter



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Now a days controlling traffic is one of the major problem in all over populated cities.Population is rising,so vehicles are also rising,

but roads aren't increasing . So for controlling traffic in easy ways we use automatic traffic controlling system . From some days most of the people are searching on the internet that How To make a traffic signal controlling project in so many languages .So I came here today to show how to make a Traffic Control Project using 2 ICs only One is 555 Timer IC & another one is 4017 decade counter IC. In my previous I've talked about the working process of 555 Timer IC & its two operation mode for 2 different modes . And today I'll show you another cool & interesting electronics engineering project . Today we will be learning about another new IC called 4017 decade counter . It actally gives output respective to it's input . So according to the clock pulse from the 555 timer ic it'll give it's perspective output HIGH or LOW .


Step 1: Components You'll Need

The components you'll need to complete this project :

1.555 timer iC 2.4017 Decade Counter IC 3.Capacitor:10uF 4.Resistors:2.2k ohm & 4.7k ohm 5.Power suppply 6.Diodes:1N4007 7.LEDs



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