How Using Old Stepper Motors With Arduino and A4988 Driver

Introduction: How Using Old Stepper Motors With Arduino and A4988 Driver

I have been using stepper motors for a while now, and they are fantastic for all sorts of robotic projects.
Today I will share the things I have learnt so far about reusing old stepper motors salvaged from printers. Identifying Stepper Motors

Stepper motors are easily identified by their shape, the number of connecting wires and the vibration you feel when you turn the shaft. I have been using old stepper motors take from old photocopy machine, print or scan and test with Arduino and A4988 Driver



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    2 years ago

    Hi, I'm Lua.

    I would need advice from an expert on steppers like you, and I wonder whether could you kindly confirm to me some issues.

    I intend to install 10 motors with Arduino on the ceiling that turn 195º, but I'm new on it. I'm learning on my own reading persons like you (thanks for that)

    The questions are...¿must I choose servos or steppers? ¿How many Arduino do I need and which...Mega, UNO...?

    ¿which motorShield would be better? (I've tested a servo 3001 HD on UNO but it's limited to 165º)

    The motors must not move weight, but should stop 10 minutes between turns. Switch off every night and switch on every morning without losing parameters (¿must I keep code in a eeprom?)

    Any help is very welcome. Thank you so much engineer.

    greetings ¡

    TWITTER @lualuamuniz

    FACE lua muniz