How We Grew Our Instagram Followers by 60% With User Generated Content

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Have you ever stumbled across a company’s Instagram account and wondered how they have so many followers or where they got all of those amazing images from? If you’re anything like me, that’s a reoccurring thought! For social media marketers managing Buy Instagram Followers and other social accounts this is something we all certainly strive for – Gorgeous images, a huge following, and incredible engagement from our audience. With that in mind, I began studying hundreds of Instagram accounts, researching ways to gain a massive following, chatting with social media managers from different industries, and running a few experiments of my own. What I continually found was one Instagram strategy that brands appeared to be using above all others. User generated content comes in all shapes and sizes. From simply sharing user’s photos, to photo contests, to product or company reviews, many thriving companies on Instagram are experimenting with user generated content in one form or another. The easiest way to think about user generated content is this: brands taking the best-of-the-best user content from around the web and featuring it on their own social media or other platforms while giving credit to the original creator (user). Social media is the gateway that allows brands to connect authentically with audience members one-on-one. By utilizing UGC, Buy Instagram Followers brands give real users the opportunity to tell real stories – something that may be inherently missing from brand generated content. In doing so, brands naturally adopt the role of navigator, cleverly guiding the user journey. According to research from marketing startup Crowdtap and the global research company Ipsos, Millennials and other generations trust UGC 50% more than other types of media. User generated content is genuinely captivating because the creator has no ulterior motive than to simply add to the digital conversation.

How to use data to get more likes and followers on Instagram

If you’ve run one of our free Instagram checkups, you may be wondering how you can use the information in your report to improve your Instagram account. How can you get more likes or followers? How can you create content that better reaches the right audience? Try these tips and we bet you’ll be swimming in new likes, comments and followers. Likes and followers are the keys to Instagram when it comes to making the site work for you, Buy Instagram Likes allowing you to spread your message to a wider audience so that they can gain familiarity with your brand, and want to spread the word about what you do and how you do it. When someone follows your Instagram feed, Instagram shows them your new content first, and also, this means that their friends on Instagram can see a link to your page by looking at the people and pages that their friends follow. When someone likes a picture, again, this means that that user’s friends can see this and may be inspired to check it out themselves, and both likes and followers are integral tools when it comes to painting the big picture: promoting your product or service, getting people interested, and ultimately, increasing your profits. The “value” of a post or profile on Instagram comes down to the number of likes or followers it has achieved. This serves as an endorsement of the content itself, and provides value to your business in terms of your ranking on Instagram, and how many new people will see your content. The more followers your page or profile has, the more additional people will get the chance to see it, as Instagram shows its users what their friends are following as well. Added to this, if your page or profile has a large number of followers, it will turn up in the search rankings nearer to the top of the list, again, allows ever-more people to see it. The more “likes” any one of your individual posts has, the more people will see it showcased, and the easier it will be to find. If a user searches for a specific term that one of your posts is hashtagged with and that lots of other people already “like,” it will rank nearer to the top of the list, and so potentially become self-perpetuating. This means that once your number of likes or followers reaches a certain tipping point, it will snowball and grow organically, as ever more people are exposed to it, Buy Instagram Likes click to like or follow it themselves, and so, keep spreading the word. Added to the fact that likes and followers spread the word and expose more and more people to your content, a high number of likes and followers also of course serves as an endorsement of your content-if the content has proven to be interesting and popular with a lot of other people, new viewers are exponentially more likely to deem it worthy of a look themselves.

Buy Twitter followers: An easy game, but not worth the risk

Sitting cross-legged in the leather chair of my home office, it took me fifteen seconds to find someone who was willing to sell me 2,500 “quality Twitter followers” to boost my account — for the low price of about $25 bucks. The followers would arrive in three days and stick around for the whole year, more than doubling my current follower count of around 1250. I felt pretty comfortably smug about myself, especially considering I’d gotten this far by dumbly typing in Buy Twitter Followers into my Chrome bar. I leaned in, determined to make the transaction, and tried to convince myself to click the button. But, perhaps unsurprisingly, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. The taboo of actually buying my own followers, and the risks associated with real fans finding out, gave the experience a sort of grime that deterred me from going through with it. That doesn’t mean it deters everyone: The practice of buying Twitter followers (or Facebook fans, Instagram followers, etc.) is as old as social media itself, hinged on the archaic notion that quantity trumps all in the social interaction sphere. Some of the most well-known politicians and celebrities in our social strata are accused of puffing up their own numbers with these followers — often assessed as thoughtless and friendless robots keen on spamming Viagra ads — to make themselves seem more influential and dominant on the platform of choice. But, on the other side of the coin, startups and rookie social media experts can just as easily be drawn in by a siren song of this so-called “follower economy,” with its promise of instant credibility and cache in the wider community. However, for all of the ethical red flags that seem to perk up in the face of buying followers, screaming “scandal!” from just about every corner of the Internet, the follower economy is actually full of a lot of particulars that make the lines somewhat blurry. Throw in more legitimate marketing practices, Buy Twitter Followers such as paying for a promoted hashtag or tweet or building a “core retweet” base of friends and family, and lots of gray areas begin to come into view. Buying followers is morally dubious, possibly dangerous and can tear down even the most trusted social media figures, yet it’s poised to continue to grow in the immediate future. But hey, it can get you friends, right?

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