How You Can Easily Repair Broken Levers From Bicycle Pumps!

Introduction: How You Can Easily Repair Broken Levers From Bicycle Pumps!

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A very common problem among medium-range bicycle pumps is the broken
thumb lock (thumb lever), that makes the pump completely useless no matter how little use it has. This happened to me as well on two of my pumps. Lately as I was walking in the neighborhood I had the idea of using one of the countless fallen branches in the area to recreate the plastic lever.

To do it ,you are going to need: Dremel, small nail, hammer (or any other metal tool you have to hit the nail), a good knife, hacksaw.

Its very cool looking, natural, free, unbreakable ! Also very easy to make!

Step 1: Find and Cut the Wooden Stick

Find a piece of wooden stick thicker than the base of the plastic lever. Cut it on the appropriate length with your hacksaw.

Step 2: Take Out the Metal Rod

Using a small nail bang out the metal rod that holds the broken lever in place.

Step 3: Whittling

Using a good knife, curve out enough material from the stick so it has same the shape with the base of the plastic lever.

Step 4: Whittling 2

Using your whittling skills again, make a nice handle out of the end of the wooden stick. Its pretty easy.

Step 5: Mark the Hole

Then put it no its place on the pump and test to see if it fits. If it
does mark with a pencil where the metal rod will go through.

Step 6: Open the Hole.

Use your dremel to open a hole for the metal rod. It should look like the original handle. You can use sandpaper to refine it.

Step 7: It's Almost Ready

It should look similar to this:

Step 8: Ready!

That’s it, test it to see if you have trouble lock/unlock it. You can
easily fix problem like this by removing some material. You can see how mine looks!

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