How a College Guy Cooks Orange Chicken Stir Fry




Cooking is the bane of almost every college student, especially guys. Cooking is also one of the best money savers you can learn. This recipe for orange chicken stir fry is the first thing I learned how to cook. It is simple, cheap, and will only take thirty-five to forty-five minutes depending on how fast your water boils. But best of all, it will fill you up.

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients and Cooking Materials

In order to cook the orange chicken stir fry, you will need the following cooking utensils and ingredients:
• Oven
• Frying Pan
• Spatula
• Pot
• Thin Spaghetti
• Precooked Diced Chicken
• Can of carrots
• Oil
• Orange Marmalade
• Soy Sauce
• Garlic Powder
• Onion Powder
• Ginger
• Crushed Red Pepper

Step 2: Boil the Water for the Spaghetti

This part of the process can take 5 minutes to 15 minutes depending on your oven.
Fill the pot with water a little over half way. (Any more than that and it will take that much longer to boil)
Set it on an eye of the oven at max heat.
Caution: Watch the pot carefully. If you miss the point where it starts to boil, it will overflow. When it hits the point of boiling, turn down the heat a little.

Step 3: Break Spaghetti in Half and Drop in Pot

Be sure to firmly hold the spaghetti in each hand, so you don't lose any of it on the floor. Holding the spaghetti over the pot works well, also.
Drop the spaghetti into the pot. It is normal for the water to stop boiling at times because adding the spaghetti increases where the boiling point is for the water.
Warning: When dropping the spaghetti in the pot, you should avoid causing a splash. It will burn your skin.

Step 4: Start Up the Frying Pan

This step should start immediately after step 3.
Pour a little oil in your frying pan, moving it around inside the pan.
Start up the eye of the oven to warm up the pan (Medium heat is good to start).

Step 5: Add Chicken and Vegetables

Add about half the bag of chicken or enough to cover the bottom of the pan and one can of carrots. If you include other vegetables, you may wish to cut down the amount of each vegetable by half for each extra vegetable you add. Example: Adding broccoli, you should only use half a can of carrots and half a can of broccoli.

Step 6: Add Spices and Liquid Ingredients

Two spoonfuls of orange marmalade
Four or five squirts of soy sauce
A thin coating of garlic powder and onion powder throughout the pan
A palm full of ground ginger
A small amount of crushed red pepper(You can always add more later if it isn't spicy enough for you.)

Stir all the ingredients together

Step 7: Taste and Add Extra

This is the point in time that allows you to make the stir fry meet your specific tastes.
Out of the ingredients used:
Orange marmalade will increase the sweetness and sour of the stir fry.
Soy sauce will make the stir fry saltier, but be careful. It only takes a little.
Ginger will increase the more oriental taste of the stir fry.
Garlic powder and onion powder will make the stir fry less sweet from the orange marmalade and less salty from the soy sauce. It will help the oriental taste.
Crushed red pepper will increase the spiciness. It only takes a little, so be careful how much you add.

Warning: Be sure to blow on the piece of chicken or vegetable you are taste testing to avoid burning your tongue.

Step 8: Strain and Add Spaghetti

If you time it right, your vegetables and chicken will almost be done at the same time that your spaghetti is done.

Strain the spaghetti into the sink.
Warning: While straining the spaghetti into the sink, the water can splash and cause a small burn that could cause you to drop the noodles in the sink. Nobody wants that to happen.

Dump it into the frying pan with the other ingredients.
Stir it all together.

Step 9: Serve It Up

You have now made orange chicken stir fry. Now, experiment away because the best thing about this recipe is you can conform it to your own tastes. You can even try using beef or pork instead. Rice instead of spaghetti is also quick and tasty. Have fun and enjoy.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Looks very tasty! By using prepared food ingredients,you can have with a great dinner in no time and with little hassle.