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Writing and Publishing a book may be a dream for many people around the world. The good new is that we are actually living in a world that technology has made this dream possible.

That's not all. You also can publish your book in Electronic version on Kindle and other electronic forms but you can also publish it in the old paper pack form as a printed book.

And guess what, you don't have to pay anything for getting all this. You just need to write the book and start publishing it and wait for sharing royalties with publishers.

Last year I started publishing books on Kindle Electronic version using KDP Kindle Direct Publishing Platform. I shared the experience on this instructable.

The next step is to publish my book in printed form. Here is how I managed to do it.

Here is my book on Amazon

Thank you for reading.

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Step 1: The Problem

I used KDP to publish my first electronic book on Kindle. However, when I wanted to publish a paper pack version of it things got so weird.

When you work with a giant company like Amazon, you'd expect everything to go smooth and systematic, especially when you have tried them with something like Kindle eBook publishing.

If anything goes wrong, first you may think that it's caused due to lake of understanding from your side. Then you expect to get detailed help and technical support from the company.

But strange things started to happen. First, when I wanted to upload the paper pack version of my book, the systems gave me notices that the picture in the book had low resolution(Below 300 DPI) although it had good printing resolution already.

However I searched for software that reveals the actual DPI of my photos and I looked for a way that could enhance the resolution of my images but the system always checked the images and found them incompatible.

I even wanted to test it further so I scanned images with the highest resolution the scanner can give. But still the systems refusing to approve my images.

I thought there were some error or the images may look a little bit blurry(as the system mentioned to me)but after I finally submitted the files of my book and made a proof copy of it then it was the big surprise.

I found that all the images in my book showed as a big red X mark. Not a single image showed normally on my book.

After a lot of communications with Amazon and searching the web I found that this is an old chronic problem on Amazon KDP systems for paper pack publishing.

The problem is very obvious that it's even mentioned on the KDP official forum.

The alternative option that many publishers suggested was to use CreateSpace. An Amazon company that is specialized in paper pack printing and even Kindle eBook creation.

Here is my book on Amazon

Step 2: Solution : Createspace

Createspace makes it easy for you to publish your paper pack version of your book. Just as easy as you create your Kindle version on KDP, it only take minutes to complete the whole process.

Start from your project dashboard, you can see all steps of the process with green marks for completed steps, red for uncompleted, yellow for steps that needs your action and white for those steps are in review state.

Step 3: Enter Your Book Data

First, you start by entering your book’s data: Title, Subtitle, Author, etc.

Then choose whither you enter ISBN or let Createspace generate and assign its own ISBN.

Step 4: ​Upload Book Interior

This is a PDF file format.

Choose background and pictures colors.

Then enter book description, category, keywords, author biography, book language and country of origin.

Step 5: Add a Cover to Your Book

Then open cover creator or upload you own PDF cover file.

Cover creator is an easy interactive application that lets you create beautiful covers for your book using many templates or using your own photos.

Choose cover finish.

Step 6: Finish, Submit and Review Phase

Choose distribution channels:

Amazon US by default, Amazon Europe, And Extended channels like Createspace direct, Libraries and other retail stores.

Choose list price for each channel.

Press Submit Files For Review.

Wait until the progress bar finishes uploading.

Now your book is awaiting the review process.

Once your book is reviewed, you get an email indicating that your book is ready for proofing.

You can order a proof copy or you can download a digital proof copy of the book.

Press Approve to start lunching your book on Amazon US and Amazon Europe.

After a couple of weeks your book will be ready at the stores.

Here is my book on Amazon

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