How Do We Measure the Quality of Our Waters?



Introduction: How Do We Measure the Quality of Our Waters?

Doctors use instruments like thermometers and stethoscopes to check on your health.

Scientists use instruments like probes, nets, gauges, and meters to determine how healthy the water is.
They take measurements of the physical and chemical condition of the water and the health of the critters that live in it.

Scientists collect water in lots of different ways.

Water samples aren't the only things scientists collect. They take photographs from airplanes and even satellites. They use their eyes to observe what’s happening along streams, lakes, and bays to get an overall sense of the health of the water. They also collect fish, plants, dirt, and aquatic bugs, and study what’s happening on the land that’s next to the water.

I will measure the pH of the water.

First :
What did the pH mean?

Well, the pH is a standard to identify the acidic and basic solutions.

The pH of water tells you how acidic or basic it is. pH scores can range from 0 to 14.
A pH of 7 is neutral. A measurement above 7 is basic. A measurement below 7 is acidic.

0 <--------  7  -----------> 14

We need in this experiment:

1. The pH measuring device.

2. Glass Cup.
3. Distilled water.
4. Water samples.
( Bottled water, tap water and rain water )

4 steps to find out what kind of water you are drinking!

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Step 1: Cleaning

 Bring the pH device and clean up or Wash the measuring stick with distilled water.

Step 2: Add the Sample to the Cup

Wash the cup with distilled water very well, then add the sample to the cup

Step 3: Put the Measuring Stick

Now Now put the measuring stick in the cup, then continue stirring until it stops reading.

Step 4:

Now write this reading down and compare with all samples to discover which one is acidic and which one is basic and which is the neutral.

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