How Do You Make Your Candles

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Intro: How Do You Make Your Candles

Many of our great customers have asked, “How do you make your candles?” “What does the produce look like?” So we decided it was time to let you in on the methods of our production to: How our candles are made!

Here is a simplified breakdown of the key steps involved for making scented Mason jar candles.

Step 1:Gathering the Ingredients

Details: First we gather every necessary part of the candle and its ingredients and set them up in a usable way; similar to pulling the items out of the fridge when you’re ready to cook. This includes: Flakes of soy wax, Glass Mason jar, cotton wick, metal wick tab, metallic lid & of course lots and lots of Fragrance oil.

Step 2: Setup Your Station

Details: In order to make a candle properly, you must have a professional and efficient setup. This includes a station to heat, pour, mix and cool the wax. You’ll also need room to place your wick and wick tab to ensure they have time to sit and dry.

Step 3: Melt the soy wax

Details: We melt the soy wax to a specific temperature to ensure all the wax is melted to a liquid form.

Step 4: Mix the Fragrance

Details: We then remove the candle from the heat, temporarily to mix in the fragrance oil. This is done so that no fragrance is burnt off and properly adheres to the wax.

Step 5: Inserting the Wick

Details: To insert the wick, you must first adhere the wick to the wick tab. Once that is properly set, you may then adhere your wick tab to the bottom center of the jar. Once the adhesive has fastened, you’re finally ready to pour.

Step 6: Pour the Wax

Details: Pouring the wax must also be done at a specific temperature. When making a high-quality candle, it is essential to get the temperature right at each stage. The wax is poured in slowly. If all steps prior have been done properly, the fragrance oil and soy wax will adhere properly to one another; ensuring a thorough and even distribution of fragrance oil. (Note: This is one precise reason low quality candles are only scented for a portion of the candles burn. Usually the beginning.)

Step 7: Straighten the Wick

Details: We use a special device to measure and hold the wick in place to ensure it is centered and taught.

Step 8: Let the Wax Cool & Voila!

Details: The wax mustn’t cool too fast or it can harden unevenly. Cooling is done in a controlled environment, free from wind and other possible disruption.

Making candles is a science that we’ve enjoyed piecing together. The excitement behind candle making is the joy & relaxation it brings to those that get to take in its beauty and scent.

Hope you’ve enjoyed yours!

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