How Make a Glowing Bar Out of Your Breakfast Bar Without Breaking Loosing Ur Security Deposit




Introduction: How Make a Glowing Bar Out of Your Breakfast Bar Without Breaking Loosing Ur Security Deposit

Have you ever gonne to one of those cool bar with glowing bar tops? Have you ever gonne home and stare at that useless breakfast bar and wish it was a cool looking bar where people can put their drinks on? Have you ever rented and were afraid to touch anything in fears of losing your security deposit?

I had this problem and i deviced a way to make a great looking bar that was the talk of my college for the rest of the year.. and still keep my security deposit..

All you need are 
couple 4 by 1 pieces of wood
couple of 2 by 1 pieces of wood
wood screws
clear plexi glass
a can of spray on glass frost
christmas lights or rope light

spray paint or wood stainer
miter saw (if you want 45 degree corners)

Step 1: Take Your Measurements

every kitchen breakfast bar is different sizes.. so you going to have to make your own measurements.. so you pretty much going to let the 4 by 1 hang over the kitchen breakfast bar.. covering it from the sides.. the 2 by 1 will work as a support for the plexi glass.. also it will keep your bar on top your kitchen bar..

as you can see i build this without support beans.. that became a problem because the wood would shift over in the corners.. also the plexiglass bended  because of the weight of the drinks..

so i added a couple of support beams.. this keep the bar together and it helps with the plexiglass warping,,

The rope light became a problem.. so i drilled a hole big enough so the rope light passes by the support beam..

Step 2: Frost Your Plexiglass

use the spray on froster.. on one side only.. put the frosted side down facing the rope lights.. if you do it the other way the frost will scratch off

Step 3: Paint the Wood.. Add the Rope Light... Get Some People Over and Have Some Drinks

because of the beams the bar will stay as one piece a lot easier.. so take it off.. paint it or stain it.. add the rope lights.. test it.. if a lot of light goes through it add another pass of spray on frost

invite some people over and brag about how this awesome bar is not gonna cost you your security deposit

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    this is really cool the only thing i dont like is that you can see the rope i would have something like this instead but anyway very cool i really want one