How Much Is That Doggy in the Window? Cute Doggy Themed Cupcake Tutorial




Introduction: How Much Is That Doggy in the Window? Cute Doggy Themed Cupcake Tutorial

Cute dog themed cupcakes.

Ideal for a dog lover's birthday or special event.

You will need: Tools- Circle cutter to cover the cake, Number 1.5-2 piping nozzle, piping bag (or grease proof paper piping bag), straight edged modelling tool, small dry paint brush (for sticking). Materials- Green, blue (or chosen collar colour), grey, white sugar paste and black royal icing.

Ice all the cakes with green sugar paste before you begin decorating.

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Step 1: Paw Prints

Pipe small arcs at regular intervals across the cake. Pipe 3 small dots above to make paw prints.

Step 2: Collar

Roll a narrow 'sausage' of blue paste as long as the diameter of your cake. Flatten between your fingers.
Roll a medium size ball of grey paste and squash it flat into a circle (or roll out sugar paste and cut out small circle with a circle cutter).

Lie the blue strip along the cake about 1/3 down. Stick the disc on to the cake under the blue collar. Mark a hole in the top with a modelling tool.

Roll a small narrow 'sausage' of grey paste. Tuck it under the collar and into the hole in the nameplate with your modelling tool.

Write the dog's name in royal icing.

Step 3: Buried Bone

Flatten some brown sugar paste into a
rough, slightly round shape. If it looks too smooth you can tear some off of the edges. Roll a few tiny balls of sugar paste to make mud splats. Stick these on your cup cake (with a small amount of water if required).

Roll a ‘sausage’ of white sugar paste. Flatten one end between your fingers and mark the flattened end in the middle to make a bone shape.

Stick your bone to the cake at an angle so that it appears to be coming out of the ‘mud’.

Step 4: Dog Cake

Roll a medium-sized ball of white sugar paste into a pear shape. This will be his body. Position it in the centre of your cup cake, use a small amount of water on your paintbrush to stick if needed.

Roll 4 small ‘sausages’ of sugar paste. Flatten the end of each and mark toes with your modelling tool. Stick on as legs. Add a smaller ‘sausage’, tapered at the end, for his tail.

Roll a small ball of sugar paste into a pear shape for the head. Make a small ball of your chosen collar colour, flatten this and stick it on the neck before adding the head.

Make 2 small triangles of sugar paste for ears. Stick a smaller triangle of pink to the under side (before sticking on to the head) if you want pink inside the ears (optional). Mark eye holes with your modelling tool.

Pipe on eyes and nose in black.

Have fun!

See my facebook page and blog for more tutorials and cakey loveliness!

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    Phoenix Flare
    Phoenix Flare

    5 years ago

    Soo cute I will toats make these


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. These a pretty quick and easy. Have you decorated cakes with fondant/sugar paste before? This is a pretty good starter project, or a quick, fun one if you're a bit more experienced. :D


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! These were inspired by my friend's dog Bruno. He's a cutie! :D