How Not to Get Caught While Ding Dong Ditching


I am going to teach you how not get caught while ding dong ditching.i sugust doing this at night .HINT HINT

Step 1: What You Need

your going to need
a person who WILL ring the door bell
somewhere where you can hide and not get caught
to be quiet
to not get caught

Step 2: If You Don`t Know What It Is

If you do not know what ding dong ditching is it is when someone rings someone's door bell then running away hoping you won`t get caught.

Step 3: What to Do

ring the door bell and run in terror and hide while laughing.stay away from the area and do some more house`s.

Step 4: Done. Info.

you`re`re going to ring the door bell run you butt to your hidin spot and hope you don`t get caught.



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