How People Strike a Match ?





Introduction: How People Strike a Match ?

Do you know other ways ?



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    wow...the "one hand" strike was awesome!....the next building i burn down that's totally what i'm gonna do!...cuz any fool can burn down a house, the trick is to do it in style. ;0)

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    and...? they're mostly pretty cool ways. @ loup226 je trouve que t'as travaillé fort pour ça!

    be warned, i used to do it the pacman way untill i put the match in a little to far, the burned a hole through the top of the match packet and burned my thumb! do not put the match in to far!

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    happened to me not 2 min ago. except for me the match hit the staple and made it stay there for a fraction of a sec too long and burned the paper. and my finger!!!

    That's a wierd matchbox, never seen one like it. I just hold the box with the flint facing right to me, hold the match upside down, and strike down.

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