How Remove an Outboard Motor Carburetor



Introduction: How Remove an Outboard Motor Carburetor

I did this at TechShop Menlo Park's automotive area!
One step in troubleshooting in an effort to make your outboard engine work is cleaning the carburetor which is known to get sticky and dirty over time. But how to get to it? This is how:

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Step 1: Taking Out the Air Filter

At least on the motor we are working on, which is a 1958 35hp Johnson, the carburetor is buried behind the air filter. After unscrewing and taking out the face of the motor, you will take the air filter out in two steps. First the intake plenum as shown in picture, then after removing the mixture adjustment screws, which are located on the two prongs running through the filter, unscrew and take out the back panel of the plenum. You will now see your carburetor.

Step 2: Moving the Starter Out of the Way

On this motor the starter was in the way. Unscrewing it and moving it out of the way was necessary to get to the carburetor.

Step 3: Getting to Your Carburetor

Remove the pin connecting the throttle, making sure you don't loose it! Then dis-attach the carburetor from the rest of the intake.

Step 4: You're Ready to Clean You Carburetor!

Now that you got to it, you're ready to take it apart and clean it out. Stay tuned to see what you'll find inside! :)

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