How the Hell You Make Latex Masks!




Introduction: How the Hell You Make Latex Masks!

Join Tim Haskell with scenic artist and propmaster Aaron Haskell to make a quick and easy latex masks that form fit to your face.

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    The guy whose face was jacked up thought he was really funny. But he wasn't..

    Dude! Please stop with the sex jokes... I reckon you should make the mould with alginate, then cast plaster into that. Then on the outside, you do the whole latex thing. It will be super smooth. My $0.02

    wOO! awesome! at least i know now how to make a plaster mask... i think your instructable is great guys!

    How the Hell You irritate instructables users and flood the front page. At least write an instructable to accompany these, and don't delete constructive criticism.

    The "kidnapped child" mask joke was in pretty poor taste guys.

    Not another who try to make cash.. damn!