How the Play Cricket in Dark

Introduction: How the Play Cricket in Dark

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We all like to play sports involving balls . But often we find that it is to pate to play and the ball gets lost or is not visible. If you are like me and live in and apartment you're in luck cause now you can play in cramped up places without worrying about the ball being not visible

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Step 1: Introduction

Well this can only he used with a sponge ball , that is a big drawback buy in working on a rubber ball version too

Step 2: Materials Required

-A sponge ball
-A scissor
-A cr2032 coin battery
-Some electrical tape
-A led ( I used a blue one but lost it,so, instead used a red one later)

Step 3: Esemmbly

To start take a led and tape it to the coin battery .
Next, using your scissors cut a slit in the ball till the middle

Step 4: Putting It Together

Now take the led and push it in the ball with the led facing out words from the hole .Now you're to play it will not spoil the performance of the ball .
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