How to : Change the LED Color on an Optical Mouse.


Introduction: How to : Change the LED Color on an Optical Mouse.

Here's my entry to the L.E.D. contest The best thing with this hack is that it works!



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    I made one whith a white slightly bleu LED works good and looks cool. Now it's a sort of flashlight thingy.

    Really was not hard at all. I Did manage to destroy one mouse but that was because i was not paying attention when clipping the wires and managed to clip the usb cable as well. HAHA i know i'm a genius. I found that Green is really hard to get to work. Maybe i just did not have a bright enough green led i am not entirely sure but Blue worked absolutely perfectly. It was probabl kinda pointless for me to do because i never see the laser. But heck how many people can honestly say they have a blue laser mouse.

    hehehe this would take me like 2 minutes... and I would definitely go with a green LED. but what do i do with the leftover red led... i wonder....  how about use 2 or LEDs at once? (e.g red+green=yellow, red+green+blue=clear) thats a great idea


     i just recently replaced the wimpy crd on my tiny usb mouse with the fattet usb cord I could find, so I am not reluctant to tri it on my moue right away. and my wireles one i to expensive to do this on D:

    "(any color will work tough)". im guessing you meant "though". nice project, but its already been posted. o well...

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    I get my LEDs from a surplus electronic store, if you're in the United States or in Canada you can go to radio shack, but try to go to a surplus electronic store or a specialized electronic store, you'll get better prices, if you can't, try online.

    I like buying cheap kid's toys, and stripping the parts from them, sometimes I get lucky and most of the parts in one of them are almost all the ones I need, and already soldered on a board that'll do what I need it to do, like in the case of when I bought the $1 bicycle safety light for a kid's bike, I got 3 high brightness red LEDs that are clear when off, and it was perfect to mound inside my computer behind a windowed 3.5" bay cover, and I used the back of the safety light's casing to hold the board, resistor, and 5K POT in place, with some help of double-side foam tape. Looking at the brightness without the plate in front of it, I was thinking that I probably could have done without the resistor, and just found the best value with the POT, which is currently set at zero resistance, making it kind of pointless right now. I only put the POT in there because the light ran off two standard 1.5V AA size batteries, and I was running it off the 5V line on the 3.5" floppy power connector.

    sorry i'm very late, maybe if you tell me what's going wrong I can help you, just Private Message me if you need help.

    Maybe it's harder than it looks, I didn't broke my mouse but i had to do a repair on the pcb (my bad), it takes some board soldering skills... Maybe I set the difficulty level too low...

    I need to change my old mouse but not with the same red led... Good idea, it look high-tech. I dont whant to break a new mouse so I just ordered an already modified one at Blue LED Mouse I cannot take the chance to spend an hour for the modification and take the chance to destroy a new mouse. And its not easy to found one ultra-bright blue led.

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    I've tried this one when i opened a white apple mouse, finding a LED in it, not by going on the Internet. But it's nothing :p