How to 3D Print

Introduction: How to 3D Print

3d printing is a fun yet tedious process to create or print 3D items. In this quick Intractable I will give you a brief Run-over on how to CD print

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Step 1: First, Buy Your 3D Printer.

A 3d printer is an expensive investment, It's also a fun investment so remember that as you go thru the process of buying one. When you buy one make sure it fit's your need's A few things to look for when buying a 3d printer are


- Size



Make sure the 3D printer is within your price range otherwise you could end up with whoever manage's your money angry at you.

Make sure the size fit's your need, Buy a small one when you will focus on small Objects and a bigger one when you will be printing large objects.

Brand. Brand doesn't really matter besides the fact that you might want to look into companies with good reviews and run away screaming when you see bad reviews.

Type Is important when you are a Pro 3d printer, There are two major types of 3D prints. The type where you Print An object layer by layer and the type where A laser cuts out an object from a block of plastic.

Those are the things to look for when buying a 3D printer.

Step 2: Setting Up Your 3D Printer

This may seem like a none essential step but it really is, Make sure your 3D printer has all the part's in the right place, Is connected to your computer and.... Last but certainly not least make sure it's Plugged in, Sometimes that could be the reason your 3D printer is not working, But if you can't plug something in you probably shouldn't be on this website.

Step 3: Design Your Model

When you design your model you could use various software to design it. Just make sure it's compatible with your 3d printer. Also Make sure your model can be printed in your printer size, Unless you want a half finished Effiel tower you'l never do anything about.

Step 4: Now PRINT

Print your design and Wait, Once it's finished you we'll be the envy of your community, At least to the people who know what 3D printer's are.

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