How to Access Assistive Touch on IPhone


Introduction: How to Access Assistive Touch on IPhone

This guide will allow you to turn on assistive touch on your iPhone to help you if you can't use iPhone's physical buttons or gestures.

Step 1: Launch Settings

Tap the settings icon on your iPhone.

Step 2: General

Tap General to open general settings.

Step 3: Accesbility

Tap Accesbility

Step 4: Tap Assistive Touch

Tap Assistive touch and then toggle the switch to on to enable it. Then the little white circle will be on your screen at all times, then you can move it by dragging it another area on your screen if needed. Tapping the circle will open up a number of options, helping you if you are unable to use iPhone's physical gestures such as home button, shaking, and lock button.



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