How to Achieve a Perfect Handsfree Overhead Shot Without an Extension Arm




Introduction: How to Achieve a Perfect Handsfree Overhead Shot Without an Extension Arm

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Recently I have developed a liking for hand lettering, and wanted to make videos of my work. Since hand lettering uses my hands, I needed a hand free way to take an overhead video. I did not want to invest in an extension arm, as I am not how long I would really do this, and hence deviced a makeshift version of my own.

This image attached is of a book that I made, tutorial of which is on instructables.

I hope you find this useful!

Step 1: You Will Need

All you will need for this is;

  1. A wooden plank (make sure it is heavy enough to take the weight of your phone)
  2. An old mobile case
  3. Glue
  4. And two table to provide height (You could use books or shoe boxes; anything would do)

Step 2: Make the Measurements

Place the wooden plank on top of the stool (books or whatever you are using) and mark the center.

Step 3: Make Adjustments

Now take your phone (placed in the old case) and position it on the plank such that;

  1. The camera is right in the middle of the plank. (if the camera lens on your phone is a off center, then you will have to place the phone off center)
  2. The plank or either of the table is not visible (You will have to make a few adjustments to achieve this)

Once this is done, mark this position using a marker.

Step 4: Glue the Case On

Using a glue gun or any strong glue, glue the case to the plank. let this dry completely before use.

I made the mistake of putting my phone in before the case was properly stuck, causing the case to rip right off.

So be patient and let it dry completely.

If you are working with a very shiny case, it might be a good idea to sand its surface down so that it adheres well.

And you are done!

Step 5: My Setup

This is how i setup before I work. My desk is opposite of a window which provides me with good natural light. But you could obviously use lights.

Since I like to make videos of my lettering work, I place the entire setup on a desk with a chair for me to sit on.

The stools I use are quiet high, hence they give a good field of view; and also enough room to see what I am doing.

Attached are photos of how I arranged my things, and how the final photo looked.

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