How to Add Flames to Anything in GIMP




Introduction: How to Add Flames to Anything in GIMP

This is how you make somewhat realistic fire in GIMP

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Step 1: Click "New"

Step 2: Set Width to 2000 and Height to 1800

Step 3: Click on Filters>Render>Clouds>Difference Clouds

Step 4: Check the Box Next to "Turbulent" Then Click OK

Step 5: Select "Curves" Under the "Colors" Tab

Step 6: Move the Curve So It Looks Like This, Then Click "OK"

Step 7: Under Colors, Click "Color Balance"

Step 8: Click on Shadows, and Set the "Cyan>Red" Bar to 100 and the "Yellow>Blue" Bar to -100

Step 9: Do the Same With the "Midtones" and "Highlights" Tabs Until the Picture Looks Like This

Step 10: Use Any Select Tool, Select a Section of the Picture, and Copy It (CTRL+C)

Step 11: Go to the Image You Want to Paste It On, Click "New Layer," and Paste It In.

Step 12: Use the Move, Rotate, and Scale Tools to Move the Selection As You Wish. Once Done, Deselect.

Step 13: Equip the Smudge Tool and Set the Size As You Wish. (Reccomendation: 160)

Step 14: Make Little Strokes in the Fire Pattern Going From Bottom to Top.

Step 15: Continue Until Your "fire" Looks Somewhat Realistic.

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    2 years ago

    That's a neat simple way to do it :)