How to Add a Aditional Battery to a Smartphone (for Using It Days)




Introduction: How to Add a Aditional Battery to a Smartphone (for Using It Days)

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Its something i doing on all my portable devices.. today hav get a old smartphone .. so did it again.. this time spend a little bit time in documentation.. its realy easy, and if changes the rear cover and the origial accu cell the smartphone is original again.. ) no big discription, have write the text into the pictures.. just watch..

Until now all modified devices running fine.. only thing i need to do is chleaning the soldet accu contacts sometimes..

please watch pictures in original quality.. and not only the preview..

Step 1: The Required Tools and the Circuit..

als discribet in pictures..

maybe a ebay link for the second glue (cheapest i find.. buyed 11pcs.. 20g 1euro.. )

its a simple soltering work.. but the protectionboard is importend.. (alsways protect against high current, compleet discharge, overheating and overcharging.. also they expand tzhe accu livetime)

you can also use a other Smartphone accu, or phone accu.. but only connect + and - ..)

Step 2: The Mechanics

The optical foil is from A broken LCD tv backlight.. i have used perspex before but its getting crannies after a while..

Step 3: The Art

CATS are Awesome!

_.-| | |\__/,| (`\

{ | | |^ ^ |__ _) )

"-.|___| _.{ T ) ` /

.--'-`-. _((_ `^--' /_< \

.+|______|__.-||__)`-' (((/ (((/

Step 4: Connecting the Li-ion Case With Smartphone Case

Be carefull if use secondglue.. its a strong glue, but on wrong places its realy bad..

Step 5: Done.. Some Other Modified Devices:

For the Lenovo A806 mod have stend most time.. searching Li-po Batteries exactly maches to on the case.. have used 2 from this: they alrealy have a prodectionboard.. )

the smartphone itself don't know that there is a modifikation.. the acco just discharges much slower.. no chrargingdevice needet, die adidional accu charging with the original batterie at the same time.. but it needs a little more time until the batterie is full charged.. after adding the accu, dichcharge the phone below 15% and run accu calibration.. and don't remove from charger until 100% (its usefull to have the correct time howlong the accupower reaches)

Step 6: Final Destination and Another Short Mod

The modificated Smartphone Accu testing is done.. Worktime 8 days without charging.

have configured it for a simple foobar WLAN remote , display turn of after 30min..

also have modified another smartphone for someone (short 10min work with old handy Li-ion accus).. its not looking so nice, but its mechanic stable and running awesome.. =^.^=

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    This is perfect for apps like Pokemon Go. My kids drain my phone's battery way too fast playing that.