How To: Add Sound to an Animation

Introduction: How To: Add Sound to an Animation

In this instructable, you will learn how to add sound to any animation that you create. I will be using the Whiteboard Animation I created as another instructable, and show you how to add sound like I did to your own videos! Let's start on Google, searching for the site!

Step 1: Can You Hear It?

The first step is to think about any type of sound that you would like to have in your videos, the things that would need sound, for example, in my video, Radius (myself) shot the flamethrower at the Sith Soldier, So, I would need a flamethrower sound effect. Once all of your sounds are written down, you can find a website that has good MP3's, or a sound effect board in order to download them. I suggest Sound Dogs, or Search something related or something close to the sound effect that you want in the search bar, if you can't find the exact sound effect, you may have to search something that sounds like it. 

Step 2: Finding the Sound!

Second, I suggest making a folder for your entire animation, naming it 'My Animation' or something that you can find or remember easily. Once you've found the sound effect that you like, you right click the blue MP3 button and look for 'Save Target As...' and save it in the folder you created. Make sure to name it exactly what the sound effect is, or is for, so that you can find it easily. Keep searching until you find the right sounds! 

Step 3: The Right Stuff!

Next, you must open the program you are going to use that your video can be played on, such as Windows Movie Maker, but I suggest Adobe Premiere Pro (Yes, this is what I used). Once you've opened that up, and your movie is in place, You've got to get those Sounds in there!

Step 4: Importing the Sound!

Now it's time to import the sounds you've chose. In the program you chose, for mine, Premiere, go to File at the top, and scroll down until you find 'Import'. Find the folder that you made and hold the 'CTRL' button, or Control, and click all the sounds you want in your video. Once you've clicked them all, hit okay and they will appear on the side bar, ready to be copied into your video.

Step 5: Dragging the Sound!

Now, to get the sound into your video, there's just one easy and fool proof step, as long as you've got a mouse that is! Activate one of the Audio tracks at the bottom below your video track, and then drag the sound you want into the Audio track. There is a zoom in and out bar so you can put the sound effect exactly where it needs to be. If the effect is too long, you can also click the side edges of it and shorten it down in order to make it a perfect fit, like I have shown in the picture here.

Step 6: Action!

Your video is now complete, and now, there's sound, to make it even better! I hope this Instructable was useful to you, and I hope the sounds and maybe epic music makes your own videos awesome and ready for your own big screens!

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