How to Add/Make Convex Joysticks for Your Xbox 360

Introduction: How to Add/Make Convex Joysticks for Your Xbox 360

materials needed:
Sony ps2 controller (I dont know if it works with offbrand controllers, go ahead and try though)
Xbox 360 controller
torx 8 security screwdriver
small/medium philips head screwdriver
hot glue gun
hot glue
(sorr about image quality its myy phones cam)

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Step 1: Screw Placement

first you need to take apart you xbox 360 controller:
take out the 7 screws (1 is under the warranty sticker so it will void you controllers warranty)
the red circles are the 7 screws you need to remove on the xbox 360 controller
there are also 7 philips head screws in the ps2 controller(see red circles)

Step 2: Remove Screws/remove the 2 Halfs

now we need to remove the screws:
for the Xbox 360 controller we are going to use the security torx 8 screwdriver
for the ps2 controller we use the Phillips head screwdriver
once we remove the screws we need to pull the 2 half's of each apart
coincidence!!!!!! the joystick module from the ps2 controller is the exact same one as the one from the Xbox 360!!!
one little problem though: the ps2's controllers "stick-hole things" are deeper and so the joysticks from ps2 sit too low so the joystick doesn't click... this is where the hot glue comes in.
we are going to need to put just a little hot glue down the ps2's "stick-hole things"
though it needs to be aligned for it to work and fit just right.
the red dot on the blue joystick is the stick-hole thing we put the hot glue in.

Step 3: Now Put It Back Together

now we put them back together: the ps2 sticks will have to be pushed thru the 360'sjoystick holes so wait for the glue to dry as you will have to push hard . once they are back together... walla!! convex xbox 360 controllers joystick and concave ps2 controller sticks!!
first instructable !!

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