How to Animate Minecraft

Introduction: How to Animate Minecraft

About: I make minecraft animations! check out my youtube channel!

Check out my youtube channel!

On my channel, ill be going over animating and tutorials soon!

How to animate!

In this project im not going to be going over everything about animating. Because there is so much that goes into it! Now, dont get discouraged, you dont need much skill, or equipment, to animte. Now the first thing we are going to go over is programs. Now in this topic we are going to talk about minecraft animation. And the programs needed. There is many programs you can use for animating, but im going to list the best for beginners. All you need is a relativly fast computer, and some basic computer skills, such as, clicking, draging, finding files, and saving files. Thats it!

What you need...

Well let me think, there are many different programs that are free, and that you
can use to animate. Here is a list of a few
I highly
recomend blender, its completely free and is one of the best animating programs
out there. You can download it at It moderatly difficult to
Efficency = Good
Difficulty = MODERATE
Recomended =
is a very simple program and is also free. However everything is at a price,
although i recomend it for beginers, its not very good qaulity. The animations
come out blury with bad motion and is'nt the best if you want to go
Efficency = Terrible
Difficulty = EASY
Recomended = for
Cinema 4D
Although cinema 4D
is very hard to use, it will always have the best result. The animation will
come out like a movie. Its very awsome or it seems so... Until you see the big
$$$ sign. This program can range to about $3,000. Yah soo not very
Efficency = Good
Difficulty = Medium
Recomended = nOt ReAlLy

Step 1:

Install and run!

Now that you have the program picked out, it is time to download, and install. Don't worry, There is no virus. Simply click on the program you want and save it to your desktop.

Download Cinema 4D!

Cinema 4D however, I do not suggest for beginners. This program is not free, infact, it costs about $3,000. So yeah a huge :( for cinema 4D.

Download Mineimater!

This program I highly suggest for beginners! Its very easy to use! And this is completely free!

Download Blender!

This program is awsome! I use Blender on my youtube channel! It is rather difficult to use, however, you will get way better results than the free program mineimater. I suggest this for people familiar with computer.

Now run it!

I 'am not going to give you a full tutorial, but there is many tutorials for every program out there! search it in youtube! they all work the same basic way. Keyframing, simple walks, punches, kicks, falls and everything you can think of is the basic way to animate.

Animating is'nt about getting famous. Its about having fun! So download a program, get the look and feel for it, and have fun!



Step 2:


Animating is about patience. Dont freak out and quit because a animation didnt turn out to good. Trust me, i have done that 10238394869580348560 times! There is a really basic logic behind animating. Timing, scales, and poses.


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how down lowd


3 years ago

Your recomendation system is kind of screwed up.

You can get the same final results in Blender as Cinema 4D, but Cinema 4D has a easier learning curve and a better interface, it also saves you steps, but blender is free, can do everything cinema 4D can (not as easily though) but it's interface is chaos. Basically for minecraft animations cinema 4d wins except the price tag, although there are ways to get it for free but illegal, the student version is entirely free though to students.


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And then


4 years ago

can the animation minecraft goes to iPad 2?


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Pan Zijin
Pan Zijin

5 years ago on Introduction

Thx! Now can we make animation with other games? Example ROBLOX? It's like minecraft, but just abit different (my opinion).