Animating the Game of Pong



Introduction: Animating the Game of Pong

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Welcome all to our animation and we will eb showing you guys how to create the game of pong through post it notes and other materials being used throughout our steps

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Step 1: See Our Sketches Before Production

This is what we planned before doing anything, first we thought of doing a brick breaker animation- where we were going to use post it notes, as the brick thingys and something as the ball to destroy the post it notes, scooter animation- where there would be tricks that are involved, while taking pictures per movement of the scooter and our last thought of an animation was a hat anitmation where we rotate our hat on our heads in a 360 degree motion 

Step 2: Materials That We Needed/used

Step 3: Setting Up the Scene

While setting up the scenes for our animations, we had to discover what goes where, what angles it should be on, how everything was suppose to be setup, we had to basically picture out of where everything goes,

Step 4: Start Taking Pictures of Your Animation

After imaging in our minds and setting up of where everything goes, start taking pictures of your animation, take your time while setting up for each picture, because you don't want any mistakes to occur within setting up. Before taking any pictures, make sure, no one is in your way, or the camera has time to focus in to take pictures.

Step 5: Testing Out the Game

As we are showing in this picture, we are testing out our game, by testing our game out,we can see if any mistakes were done, or something wasn't set up the proper way.

Step 6: This Is Our Video of the Game of Pong

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