How to Annoy Someone to the EXtreme!

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Have you ever met someone that is persistent in asking questions? To the point of annoyance? eXtreme annoyance?So annoyed you look more annoyed than these guys? Here is how you can get them back... with a form of chattiness of your own!

Step 1: Have Someone Annoy You(If You Already Are Annoyed, Well, Just Skip It)

You need a victim (best with a chatty person) to start attacking you. Coax them. With a windbag, all you usually need to say is, "How was (or is) your day?" and the process begins.

Step 2: Get Them to Repetively Say "No"

I think this is the hardest step of them all. Say stupidly obvious questions that the answer is no. Examples:"Isn't your name_______?( whatever their name isn't. Pick something like "Zubazubu" or "Evileverthem")" " You're a _____, aren't you?(opposite gender)" "Do you know what a _______ is? (Really LONG word, like "hippopotomonstrusquipedailianismist(it means lover of long words)" Think of some for your self. You need about 10+ questions. (pheaw! Wordy, ain't it?)

Step 3: Hit Them With the Punchline.

After they have gotten used to repetitively saying, "No." or, "Duh, no!",say ,"Can you say, 'No' for me?". 80% of the chatty, stupid population will say,"No.", after which you say," Thanks!" and walk away, leaving them stunned.

Step 4: Buy Yourself a Trophy!

You deserve it! After all, you changed someone into a normal person. Go ahead. Buy one. Put it into a trophy cabinet and adore it for the rest of your life. You can have milestone markers if you want. I have now taught you all I know about the chattering-teeth-crank-breaking arts.



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    9 years ago on Introduction

     You could follow this instructable, or do what i did. Spam my atheist friend on Facebook with 54 links to What if Cartoons Got Saved by Chris Rice. 

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    Do you know what a LIoramadoochiopadoodlegaymanjesusman is?! because i do it means (runs)

    Are you a man? Do you have foot hair? Can I pick your nose? Can you drive a boat? Do chickens dance? Are you sad? Am I your best friend? Do you like pineapple pizza? You want some chicken flavored gum?


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Ed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! w00t! Ed Edd n Eddy is my favorite animated show!