How to Antique Furniture With Glaze - a DIY Made Easy #GildingWax




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Intro: How to Antique Furniture With Glaze - a DIY Made Easy #GildingWax

How To Antique Glaze Furniture you might wanna check this video out. It is DIY made Easy and doing it with jason will show you how!

I also, use gilding wax to add some hints of silver and help make the furniture pop. You can also thin out some paint and use it as a glaze. And then you will be antiquing furniture with paint. So versatile!n Make your home a farmhouse or better yet a boho farmhouse with this awesome painting technique Buy the products here: Glaze-

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Step 1: Find the Furniture You Would Like to Refinish

I had a customer looking to antique a clock.

Step 2: Sand That Sucka

I first sanded the clock with 320 grit sandpaper and used steel wool for the hard to get to parts.

Step 3: Paint It White!

Next I painted the clock white. The under color of paint should be way lighter than the final look of color you are going for. The glaze will darken it quite a bit.

Step 4: Glaze of Glory

Next I brushed on the glaze. You have plenty of open paint time for this. Just wipe off excess as you see fit.

Step 5: Guilding Wax

Next I used a silver metal wax to brighten it up and enhance the details of the clock. After this step you can put a clear coat to lock it all in.

Step 6: All Done

Bring the furniture piece back in the house and show it off!!!



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    11 months ago

    Let me know what Furniture that you will be using this technique on!!