How to Apply Diamonds on Fake Nail



Hey everyone I was inspired to attempt this nail jewelry look by Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reality star Carli B, this is the method I use to apply diamonds on nails


You could use false nails or your own instructions will be the same

1. Apply a layer of Base Coat (Any Brand)

2. Apply (2) two layers of Nail polish (any brand) I used La Colour Gel Extreme shine Nail polish

3. Dot nail glue ontop nail in desired style

4. Apply diamonds or jewelry onto nail in desired style 5. Place a layer of top coat upon completion ( i used the Sinful Shine Top Coat)

Products used

Press on nails La Color Base Coat La Color Purple Extreme Gel Shine Nail Polish Sinful Shine top coat Nail Glue Cuticle Stick Nail diamonds

Check out the video Tutorial below



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