How to Arm Knit: Step-by-Step Instructions

Introduction: How to Arm Knit: Step-by-Step Instructions

Have you been wondering how to make those cute scarves you also ways see on Pinterest? Well now you can! It's really easy and with these step-by-step instructions, you can get started now! All you need is about $15 and 30 minutes of time and you'll be sporting a cute and comfy scarf!

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Arm Knitting Materials:
2 Skeins of Chunky Yarn - Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick or Lion Brand Hometown USA
2 Arms (of course!)

Step 1: Slip Knot
With two strands of Yarn, pull out about 4' of yarn (this is your "tail"). To make a slip knot, form a circle and pull the working yarn up through the bottom of the circle. Slip your right arm through the loop. Not too tight though. It needs to slide easily on your arm.

Step 2: Cast On
With the slip knot on your right arm arm, put your left index finger and thumb between the working yarn (connected to the skein). Grab all the strands with the rest of your fingers in the left hand and twist up. With your right hand, grab the yarn that is in the front of your thumb and pull it up. Reach through that loop and grab the yarn in front of your index finger. Pull the yarn from your index finger up through the loop and slip your right hand through. Pull snug to your arm and make it the same tightness as the slip knot. Repeat 8 times. You should have 10 loops on your arm.

Step 3: Row 2br>Put the tail to the side and grab the working yarn (strand attached to the skein) with your right hand which has the loops on it. Wrap the yarn around the front of your thumb from the bottom up and fold your hand around it to form a fist. With your left hand, pull the first stitch on your right wrist over your fist which is holding the working yarn. Drop the stick you pulled off with your left hand and slip your left hand through the working yarn in your right hand. Pull tight, but loose enough to slide on your wrist. You have now created the first stitch of row 2.

Step 4: Repeat to Length
Repeat step 3 until all the loops on your right arm are on your left arm. All of the stitches will alternate from your right arm to the left arm. The process is the same whether the stitches are on the right arm or left. Continue until you reach around 60" and the stitches are on your left arm. Make sure you have at least 4 yards of yarn left on the skein to cast off.

Step 5: Binding
With all the stitches on your left arm, create two stitches on the right arm as depicted in Step 3. Drop the working yarn. With your left hand, grap the stitch closest to your elbow on the right arm and pull it over the other stitch. Pick up the working yarn again and knit one more stitch on your right arm (you should now have two stitches again). Drop the working yarn and pull the stitch closest to your elbow over the other stitch. Continue this process until all the stitches are off your left arm and you have one remaining stitch on your left arm. Remove the last loop for your right arm and pull to make a large loop (this protects from accidentally pulling out previous stitches). Measure out 4' on the working yarn and cut. Pull the working yarn up through the large loop you created and pull tight like a knot.

Step 6: JoinLay your scarf out flat, ensuring that it is not twisted, with the pretty side facing up. With the working yarn that you just cut at the top, match up the ends and gently stretch to line up the widths if needed. With the working yarn, pull it under the first line of stitches from the right where you see the first "V"... Pull it all the way through. Now find the first stitch on the left side and pull the yarn under it all the way through. Continue this all the way to the end, leaving the stitches loose enough to blend with the rest of the scarf, you should have four strands on yarn, two from the original tail and two the the working yarn you just used to bind the ends. Finally, turn the scarf over and weave the 4 ends into the binding and cut the end.

Visit for pictures and video instructions!

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