How to Assemble a Computer

Introduction: How to Assemble a Computer

A basic set of directions explaining how to assemble and

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Step 1: Put in the CPU Fan

take the Cpu fan and compress it down on the CPU and add 4 screws to lock it in place then add the wiring to the motherboard to keep it functioning

Step 2: Put in the Optical Drive

Remove the front case and put in the Optical drive and wire it up to the mother board with the labeled cables.

Step 3: Clip in the Ram

take the ram open the clips insert the ram when it clicks shut the clips thats all thats to it the clips are on the motherboard

Step 4: Cooling Fan

Screw in the cooling fan before putting in the hard drive and clip it to the motherboard. Then screw it into the computer shell and spin it and blow on it to get the dust and stuff off.

Step 5: Hard Drive

Slide the hard drive in place and clip it to the motherboard. With the labeled wires attach it to the motherboard. Then add the screws that keep it in place. And if you are replacing it take out the hard drive from the plastic shell and add the new hard drive in the plastic shell and repeat the steps above

Step 6: Put on the Front and Side Casing

Screw on the front and side casing if you took it off to install any parts of the computer(you probably did)

Step 7: The Finished Computer

Step 8:

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