How to Assemble a Flute




You have decided to play the flute, but do not know how to properly assemble the instrument.  These instructions will show you how to assemble your flute.

Required items:

Step 1: Know the Parts

The flute comes in 3 parts: head joint, body, and foot joint.

Step 2: Identify Body

Open instrument case and identify body of the flute.

Step 3: Swab Removal

Pick up body and remove internal absorbent cleaning swab (some instruments may not have an absorbent swab).

Step 4: Head Insertion

Locate the instrument name plate on the body.  With your left hand pick up the head joint and slide in the body in a twisting motion.

Step 5: Foot Insertion

Pick up the foot joint with your right hand and insert it onto the bottom end of the body.

Step 6: Alignment

Check the alignment of the head joint by looking down the barrel from the head towards the foot. The embouchure hole should line up with the rods along the length of the body.

Step 7: Finished!

You are now ready to begin playing!

Always clean the inside and outside of your instrument after each use. 
Never eat while playing, or play with a dirty mouth.
Never let anyone else play your instrument.



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