How to Attach a Pocket Clip/belt Clip to a Knife




Intro: How to Attach a Pocket Clip/belt Clip to a Knife

Ever bought a knife which had no pocket clip?
Well here is show you how to attach one to almost any folding knife!

Step 1: What You Need:

A knife you want your clip on
A pocket clip (you can buy them online or take one off an old knife
Screws that fit your clip
A small screwdriver that fits your screws
A small drill( I used an old hand drill
A small magnet so you don't lose the screws
Some fine sandpaper to sand of the burrs
A pencil to mark where to drill

Step 2: Placing the Clip

Just find a spot on your knife where you think the clip will be nice and tight. Then mark the spot with a pencil or your drill bit.

Step 3: Drilling

Just drill the holes where you marked them. Use a drill bit a bit smaller than your screws. You could sand the burrs of but its optional because you wont see it because the clip is going to be on top of it.

Step 4: Attaching the Clip

Now just put the clip over the holes that you've drilled and screw the screws in.

Step 5: You're Done

That was how simple it was.
I hoped you liked my instructable.
Bye laurex2002



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