How to Attract More Users to Social Media Profiles

For small business, generating online sales is quite typical as compared to the large brands. Now days social media profiles are more powerful in order to generate online business and improve awareness.

The first thing is that, how we can improve social followers on our profiles day by day and force followers to share and talk about our projects and services on social media. We need to build strong social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and your other social media accounts. Know tips that you can apply immediately to improve followers on social media profiles:

Step 1- Improve Twitter Profile:

Improve twitter profile by adding twitter profile picture, website URL, Location, other social media profiles and bio which is the first impression and make sure that your bio is attractive and informative for users. Use # tag while posting and twit and mention people by using @ before profile.

Step 2 – Improve Facebook Profile

First you need to set up a Facebook page of your company and optimize it, use brand logo or profile picture so that user can easily recognise you among various fake profiles, picture size would be 180 pixels by 180 pixels. Use attractive cover image, add call to action buttons like call now, Sign Up, message etc.. Include about section, phone number, email ID, website URL.

Step 3 – Improve LinkedIn Profile

Linkedin is one of the top social media platforms for workers and businessmen’s. Linkedin company page improve trust of the user for the company therefore we must create Linkedin profile for company or individuals. We must include company details, company logo or banner, company URL, number of employee, location, address and post company updates and news on regular basis and ask every employee to follow company page.

Step 4 – Improve Instagram Profile

Instagram has 400 million users and 60 million users update Instagram profile every day, this is one of the most popular social networking website for image sharing. You can improve Instagram followers easily, you need to make your profile public not private, so that people can view your profile easily and follow you, use brand profile photo, add actionable and informative bio, enable notifications and share high quality pictures.

Step 5 – Improve Google+ Profile

Google+ is also important part of the social media and you should optimize followers and engagement of the profile to improve followers on Google+ business page. Create a business page on the Google+ and verified it for local, update it regular basis, use hashtags, add and follow peoples and join communities that are relevant to your interests.

Improve social media followers and presences, otherwise without a good profile; you will lose countless potential clients every day.



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