How to Avoid Procrastination in School

Introduction: How to Avoid Procrastination in School

Hello my dear Internet users.

You are probably reading this tutorial when you should be doing homework or any type of work, and this is means you are "Procrastinating" your work. Furthermore I am probably procrastinating while writing this tutorial right now.

In this tutorial I will to try to not give the boring ideas to avoid procrastination, but share my life experience and how I overcame these major procrastination problems. Here I cover some life hacks that can be used and also some software aspects that helped me with the procrastination problem.

Happy reading and feedback is always appreciated.

Step 1: Using the Timetable Book/Planner

Keep a timetable book:

This may sound like something boring, but it can actually turn out to be a very helpful tool in order to become organized. Either use the planner book provided by the school or simply purchases one.

-Don’t be afraid to use the planner. Use to write down not only homework but also event that are going to take place.

- Refer to the things you wrote there, daily.

- Use the planner to manage your time so you will not end up with 5 assignments to do for 1 night.

Using the planner is very important as I can speak from personal experience. For a while I avoided using it and it turned out I was forgetting assignments and work. This caused me to not know how much work I should do and therefore grew my procrastination addiction.

Step 2: Avoiding Distractions

Keep your cell phone or gaming console in locked room. When you have to do homework or kind of work. Your brain will force to be distracted on the thing you like the most.

This is important to keep objects such as the cell phone and/or the gaming consoles in a separate places, inaccessible for you.

Reward yourself with having access to these items after your daily work goal has been achieved. This will improve your time management and force you to avoid procrastinating your work.

Step 3: Completing an Assignment

Do not complete an assignment in one sitting. This is will often result in a poor result in the final assignment.

- Plan several days in which you will be completing the assignment. This will minimize your procrastination abilities as you will have time more time for entertainment and less work will have to be done daily.

- Prioritise work that is due very soon, rather than work for which you still have time.

In my high school life I often tend to do an assignment on 1 day before it is due. This often decreases the quality of my work as I just don’t have any time to improve my work further before submitting it on the next day.

Step 4: Internet Distraction (Windows)

There is also software that helped and forced me to avoid internet distraction. For this internet is probably the most important and biggest distraction. There is a software that can help you to block your favorite social media websites so you can concentrate on your work.

Windows users should use the software Cold Turkey:

- This software is free, has a simple interface and blocks all the social media, gaming website in order for you to be able to concentrate on your schoolwork.

- In the software you are also able to mention the time from which to which you would like the websites to be blocked.

- You can plan your week and specify at what time you would like to have specific websites blocked.

Step 5: Internet Distractions (Mac OS)

An anti-procrastination software is also available for all mac users. Software called “Self control” can be used to block all the distraction websites. To the following the use the software:

1. At the bottom of the software click “add blacklist”

2. There type the domains of all website that could be distracting you from working (ex.,

3. In the scroll menu, select the amount of time that you would like to spend working.

4. Click “Start” to begin the block of the website. Be aware you cannot cancel the times so it forces you to concentrate.

- Be aware that you are not able that you will not be able to undo a blacklist running once you launch the software. This means plan your blacklist efficiently.

Step 6: Rewards for Your Work

Always remember to reward yourself. When you notice that you are making progress reward yourself. When you are satisfied with the results of the day do something that you like.

  • This could be playing your favorite video game of eating your favorite food. However, remember that you could still have other work to complete so don’t spend the majority of your day with entertainment.

Step 7: Conclusion

In case for some reason you end up with an assignment to do for 1 night, do not panic and follow the following steps to complete it.

1. Take your time while doing it, even if it may take you a long time to complete.

2. Take breaks and analyze your progress and maybe find improvements you can do.

3. Proofread when you have completed your work. At night the brain will concentrate less meaning it is possible that you will do very stupid mistakes.

4. Do not procrastinate, as you will not be able to produce high quality work late at night.

Overall procrastination is a major aspect that can affect your life. Follow these tips and ensure you avoid procrastination. Some of these suggestions may not work for you so you should find a plan that works the best for you. It is different for every person so it is important to create your own strategy.

Good Luck!

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    Nice post.If we follow this concept we can achieve our goal.Try to schedule time for each and everything like writing ,studying,and all ,that is the first step we should do.


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    This looks like it might well be a good thing to keep in mind for work, as well.


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    This is a great write up. Ill give it a try starting tomorrow.